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Core competence

Since its foundation, OllyChem has been developing an extensive and efficient international network aimed at sourcing rare and fine chemicals to the custom synthesis and fine chemicals. We have been offering this service to our customers for many years and we are recognized by major pharmaceutical companies for our reliability and diligence in providing fast and price competitive service. Our business is global in scope. While our emphasis will be toward growth in our traditional markets, we will focus on compatible new markets providing additional opportunities for growth.

Achieving this standard of quality is contingent upon the following:
• Consistent products and services conforming to stringent specifications
• Qualified personnel to address current and future business needs
• Innovative corporate culture which provides an opportunity for individual creativity towards personal growth and development
• Open, honest communication

Besides above, we could fulfill auditing services on EH&S and cGMP by specific regulations, such as COS and FDA framework. These services are professionally relied on the objective and fair basis in the regime of environmental protection and safety issues.

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