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Welcome to OllyChem

OllyChem is an innovation-driven and professionalled company providing with the specialty chemicals and toll manufacturing to the Fine and Specialty Chemical market. Our focus is on delivering a personalized service to the following sectors:

  • We provide various unique chemicals for laboratory and R&D purpose;
  • We provide you with custom and toll manufacturing services in gram and kilogram and multi-tons;
  • Based on Exclusive Agreement, we produce a range of unique compounds for our valued customers
  • Committed to the Responsible Care, OllyChem voluntarily joins the program to continuously improve performance in the areas of health, safety and environmental protection.

Since 2001, OllyChem was established to focus on serving the fine and specialty chemical markets. We provide custom toll manufacturing in our modern facility. The experienced and professional chemists are in OllyChem in assistance for development of a wide range of chemical processes and unique organics.

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